The Sustainable Aero Lab which is supported by the Hamburg Ministry of Economics and Innovation (BWI) and funded through the Hamburg Investment and Development Bank (IFB) has chosen to work to accelerate Fluxart in delivering our mission of Zero Emissions air travel with Cryogenic Hydrogen Machines.

We are incredibly humbled by the initial week having been selected by the Sustainable Aero Lab to be working with incredible mentors who know the financing of start-ups, working with experts in the market of Aerospace, and with a huge depth of experience working with some of the leading Aerospace companies.

As a team of business and technology minded co-founders we are learning by the day our new objective to get Fluxart through the initial start-up challenges and we are working daily to improve our chances, so many startups in Aerospace don't make the distance. We are working to pave the way to a true Zero Emissions propulsion system, and we need to have this vision, whilst we build the business.

Fluxart joins a cadre of amazing companies with a focus on growing a Hybrid Hydrogen Electric future for Sustainable Aviation.
We are bringing the best of talents, networks and collaboration to pull forward our goals and accelerate our pathway to making a difference.