The road to Net Zero is not a long one; time is fast running out which means decisions need to be made now so that the right planning and development can take place.

With our Charity, Enginuity, we remain committed to our core purpose: one engineer can change their world, and ours. Their mission is to make their path to achieving this as smooth as possible.

For industry to enable the UK to meet the pledges, ambitions - or even legislation - agreed as a result of COP26 we need to: understand where the skills are needed and when; ensure the path to learning is effective; attract new talent into worthwhile careers, and upskill those whose ongoing livelihoods depend on being able to adapt.

This is a major undertaking and certainly not achievable overnight but Enginuity is using this timely opportunity to assess what needs to happen to ensure we create the right climate for green skills to flourish.