Understanding of the Brand and the clarity of alignment is key to shaping a company and its unique differences. The continual refinement of the HyFlux solution is aligned to our continually evolving understanding how to solve one of the World’s largest challenges — Sustainable True Zero Emissions aviation.

We need to consider what has to remain relevant, our beachead customer has been to focus on Aircraft manufacturing, with the new direction that has adopted the hydrogen energy solution which HyFlux has been working to deliver a motor with True Zero emissions.

True Zero is our brand logo mark, we believe that our children’s future needs to connect us in the future with Hydrogen bonds, like people connecting…. Feedback please as we follow the story of our co-founding teams children aged 4-8 years old we want to bring them the diversity which represents the company we were on a journey to establish in 2021, thanks to Noora Alfaez Robert Bray for developing a solution for our Childrens future.

Please join us on our journey;

Website: www.hyflux.aero

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