We are HyFlux and our story is that we have been building the future of propulsion, for True Zero Emissions.

Our focus started in 2009 when our founder, Paul Perera, travelled to Philadelphia, to Wharton Business School, where they met Jeremy Rifkin who’s written books, and consulted on the ‘Hydrogen Economy’. It was in a lecture room in the University on the 3rd July, where a single conversation with BAE Systems colleagues developed a set of strategic options for the sustainable future of the Aerospace industry where the idea of using hydrogen in the skies was conceived.

On returning to the UK, we calculated the climate impact of that one Boeing 747 flight which used as much energy, as 500 UK Family homes, and as we searched for the answer to ability to fly that same flight - we considered Battery Electric, and Hydrogen Fuel Cell powered aircraft. Both struggle with the power density of batteries, and the power conversion.

Jeremy Rifkin - Hydrogen Economy

We are developing as a True Zero propulsion solution, the use of a Superconducting in the motor and drives, we have been gathered five years evidence of the solution working at high levels of efficiency. Superconducting motors are cooled by liquid hydrogen, and as the Aviation industry narrows down options - the hydrogen cooling efficiency comes with a challlenge to bring this liquid hydrogen on to the aircraft.

We understand and collaborate with the Green Hydrogen industry, to develop solutions with liquefaction of Hydrogen at a cost point to deliver a sustainable energy at airports, and this cost will achieve a cost parity with the kerosene Jet A1.

We continue to develop our solutions to scale and fly in aircraft which will take to the skies, removing 2000 kg of CO2 per transatlantic flight per passenger. We put our values at the heart of our solution - Quality and Innovation.

We are keen to find our new team to deliver on our vision;

‘Delivering true zero emissions solutions for mobility.’