Aviation needs to develop a little more openness, in terms of the combined CO2 and NonCO2 effects which we are having as we travel. Often touted Aviation is only 2% of the Green House Gas Emissions is a huge understatement, and doesn't take into account the pace the growth in aviation is seeing in regrowing post COVID pandemic grounded many flights, other than Cargo. We will see Aviation if we continue growing without arresting this growth being 12-15% of total emissions including Radiative Forcing effects of persistent contrails, Nitros Oxide (NOx) and some envisage by 2050 if electrification of everything continues will set Aviation in the 35-45% of all Emissions.

The last week has been interesting as we consider the allegations of greenwashing, and with all good intent, the Sustainable Aviation Lobby has done a really good job to promote So Called 'Sustainable Aviation Fuels' as the panacea to UK Government, in the US much is the same, and we don't have real transparency.

The fact is that the incumbents, in Oil and Gas, Airlines , Airports and Original Aircraft Equipment Manufacturing don't see it in their interest to change the retroric.

An example is when British Airways emissions calculator says a one-wy flight from London Heathrow to New York emits 348kg CO2e (carbon dioxide equivalent) and charges £3.97 for offsetting. This is understated by a significant amount - as Atmosfair, a German non-profit organisation