Airbus may make engines for hydrogen fuelled planes, CEO tells paper WELT AM SONNTAG

Airbus  may make its own hydrogen fuelled planes, Chief Executive Officer Guillaume Faury told a German newspaper in an interview published on Saturday. The planemaker has said it plans to develop the world's first zero-emission hydrogen fuelled commercial aircraft by 2035.

Faury told the Welt am Sonntag newspaper that he could imagine equipping those aircraft with electric motors produced in-house. "That's something we could basically do ourselves," Faury was quoted as saying, speaking of a possible "change of strategy".

Europe's aircraft manufacturer Airbus may also become an engine manufacturer. The French CEO stated in an interview with Welt that he could imagine equipping the planned hydrogen-powered aircraft with self-produced electric motors.

We have seen the statement "This is something that we could basically do ourselves," Faury said, talking about a possible "strategy change", and believe Fluxart is right in the lead on this technology.

We are working with other OEMs on the acceleration path and the Fluxart cryogenic labs are working on the solutions to the fundamentals of Superconducting motors using Liquid Cryogenic coolant in a tank to bring the benefits of higher power density propulsion to reality. We have the first step in demonstration.